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“I actually made it through a song and a half!! Pretty good bowel movement….. I mean, GOOD SHIT!” Joe Queer (The Queers)

“Pop punk done better than most.” Dan Vapid (Screeching Weasel, The Methadones, Dan Vapid and the Cheats, The Mopes)

Writing a bio is stupid. Most people don’t care how a band is formed. People just want to know the important things like, “Where can I see the band live, and where can I download their music for free?”. However, there may be that odd person out there (maybe you?!) who’s interested in knowing the Fairmounts’ background. So here it is, quick and dirty:

Mikey from the band ‘Inner City Surfers’ writes 7 songs in his bedroom, all about girls. Shortly after that, he calls long-time friend Simon Head from the band ‘Four Square’ who owns and operates Insight Recordings. Since there is no band, Mikey and Simon play all the instruments. Of the 7 songs, 2 are good, 3 are OK, 1 is tolerable, and 1 makes me cringe. The album is titled ‘Unfinished Business’, and released on CD only.

After taking a little time off so they can re-record the ‘Sports’ album by Huey Lewis and the News in its entirety, Mikey and Simon decide to play the Fairmounts songs live, which means more players are needed. Phil Page from ‘The Downbelows’ steps in on bass guitar, and eventually Andrew McMullen from ‘Flashlight Brown’ sits in behind the drums. The band is formed.

Work on the first full-length begins in early 2012. By April, the band is in the studio and laying down 12 songs for the first album ‘Kiddo’. It’s released on CD by Infested Records.

The band is asked to contribute the song ‘Solitude’ for the Methadones tribute album ‘A Tribute To The Methadones, Sorry To Keep You Waiting’ released on CD-only by Infested Records.

Then, back in the studio to record 2 songs for a 7″ split titled ‘Kicked Off Queen’ with local Toronto punk rockers ‘Plan 37’. The album is released through Merman Records on vinyl with a download code, including the smash hits ‘Volcano Boy’ and ‘Kicked Off Queen’.

In early 2014, the full length ‘Kiddo’ is picked up by Clearview Records, and pressed on vinyl.
475 on Orange, 35 on Yellow, and 50 on White. (white vinyl exclusive to

That’s pretty much how this whole damn thing got started….I’m sure there’s much more, but I’m starting to bore myself!!

“I’ve seen my fair share of punk bands in my time; very few have that cool, even mix of sound, style, swagger and songs…The Fairmounts have all 4…and lots of it. LOVE EM!” Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger, 102.1 The Edge, TSN Canada, High 4 Records)

“Every single song will catch your ear, and there’s nothing you can do to shake it. Not since I first heard and released the first Lillingtons release have I been so stuck on a single recording, and I just can’t shake it.” Todd Greene (Clearview Records/Selfless Records)

“I think they’re just wonderful!” Mikey’s Mom (and all around nice lady)

“Fairmounts are a rare breed of band. In this day and age of pre-packaged pop, auto tuned vocals, studio session musicians and outside songwriters, Fairmounts show that real, unadulterated musicianship and songwriting still come from the heart and soul of a BAND! They have power and passion beyond their years. And I can’t help but think they’re gonna be huge and bring REAL rock back to the masses!” Christopher Carlton (Infested Records)

“Fairmounts record is a healthy balance of classic Fat Wreck punk and fantastic power pop melodies. While most songs have the youthful aggression and tempo you would expect from 90’s influenced skate punk, the real shining parts of this record are the mid-tempo sing along moments from “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Hospital”, “Kiddo” and especially “Pink Suitcase” Jon Davies (Sony Music Entertainment, 102.1 The Edge DJ)